Somebodys Got to Break the Rules.

My intent for this blog is to post about high fashion. If you want cheap Ugg’s, go to Walmart.

But at some point in our lives we all have to break the rules. And on my third post, I’m breaking my own rules, because lets be honest, Kate Middleton doesn’t.

The woman is perfect, and her style is amazing. She never steps out of line and shows true class at all times.

Lucky for all of us, once Kate wears something, it shows up in just about every store in the world in a varying form. So when I saw her blue lace Reiss dress last summer, I knew my love affair with lace had started, and a year and a half later, I can finally act like Kate in my very own lace inspired Kate dress.

Lucky for me, I’m not a princess. So I get to break the rules.

As the British say, Keep Calm and Act like Kate Middleton.

As the Americans say, Can I have Lace with that?

Kate Middleton Blue Reiss Dress $300+ (no longer available)


Dillards $158 Sale $94.80 Available in Black/Nude


Charlotte Russe $34.99
This is the one I have. Other colors include cobalt, purple, and ivory. I considered other versions but I liked the neckline of this one as well as the price.

Google Image search – Kate Middleton Blue Lace Reiss Dress –

Charlotte Russe –

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