It’s No Longer a Long Shot for a Longchamp

What are your New Years resolutions?

Or should I ask, what were they?

I made several. Mostly having to do with bettering my life and being a better daughter, friend, etc. I also want to read a book a week. Sadly, The Hunger Games doesn’t count.

But of course I added the typical “Exercise and be healthier” to the list. Duh, you say.

Every night, I set out my clothes for work the next day, and recently, I’ve added my gym bag to the pile.

Gym bag? I meant to say faux Longchamp.

Le Pliage Longchamp tote bag, $145.00

I am lucky and have a wonderful friend who lives in the New York City area and she bought me two faux Longchamps for $40 – a black one and a red one. I love them, and you can barely tell a difference (thanks again, J!).

Not heading to NYC anytime soon? No worries, Love for Labels is here. I found this site via Pinterest and it seems legit – you can even monogram your desired bag. The only thing that bothers me is that you can only preview certain bags once you have designed them. But for $45.00, there’s not much room for complaining.


Faux Longchamps are also available on Amazon, and they’re cheaper in Switzerland. In the rare chance your resolutions included taking a vacay to Switzerland.

Happy Shopping, and good luck with those New Years resolutions!

Google Image Search – Longchamp bag

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