Valentino for Valentine’s Day

I owe you all an apology. I went MIA.

Have no fear, I’m back.

I’ve been busy with important activities: watching the Bachelor and the Kardashians. Eating. Breathing.

In reality, I just have been trying to get my post college life together and Love for Labels got put on hold.

During this time, I have still been scouring the internet and the spring catalogues for delicious clothes, accessories, bags, etc.

Because scouring is up there in importance with breathing in my life.

So, have you all noticed the amount of pink, red and white that these designers are showing? It can only mean one thing.

Valentine’s Day is upon us.

I, for one, will spend the day/evening without a date. Thus, I have no reason for these amazing Valentino shoes.

And you shouldn’t have a reason for them either, considering they start at $675 and are a trend piece. Bows. Studs. They won’t last y’all.


But these look a likes from Charlotte Russe sure would go nicely with a dress for that special date that some of you lucky ladies will be going on in 17 days.

(Sorry, the photo wouldn’t upload/save/etc.)

These shoes are on sale today (you know you love me) for $14.99 compared to $30.

Happy Valentine’s Day.



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