For All the Single Ladies

On my way home from work, I was thinking about Love for Labels and my last post about Valentine’s day. And how to avoid driving off the road with all the fog we had today.

I realized that all you single ladies also deserve a lovely treat for Valentine’s day, so I started pondering what we could all wear while eating Chinese takeout, watching the Notebook, and drinking a (third) glass of wine on the dreaded holiday.

I was completely stumped and after a while I said to myself, whatever, I’m getting cheese fries.

And then Regina George’s famous statement hit me.

The statement necklace.

This necklace can always spice up an outfit, especially a solid color top or dress. Many of the necklaces are hundreds of dollars, but my go-to stores (Forever 21, Amazon, Charlotte Russe) offer statement necklaces for way cheaper.

I chose this one because I love the design, the solid color, and the price. There are many other options on the sites mentioned above, but this one is a pastel color – on par with spring fashion. Pastels, for spring. Groundbreaking. $9.50 (prices, color and design vary, search for “J.Crew Statement Necklace”).

Happy Valentine’s day to all my single ladies.

My good friend A – thanks for finding this amazing necklace a few months ago!


2 thoughts on “For All the Single Ladies

  1. I found copy cat neckalces like this at Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal and Dots in the last week or so! So far, Dots was the cheapest (and honestly, cutest) for about $10!! I was thinking of you while shopping this weekend!

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