My Money’s on Michael.

Since starting this blog, I have had several people ask me for fashion advice, to shop for them, and/or ask me who my favorite designers are.

Nothing makes me happier.

Seriously. It’s almost better than watching my college basketball team dominate.


So, who are my favorite designers? Chanel, Burberry, Tory Burch and Michael Kors.

I have this amazing ability to see someone, love her outfit, and later find it online. It’s almost always Michael Kors.

So as I begin to help more and more people with their fashion needs, eventually I hope to make some money for my services. And then I can put my hard earned money right into this amazing Michael Kors wallet:


MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Saffiano Continental Wallet $138.00 (other colors available)

In reality I’m not in this for the money, so I think I’ll stick to this almost identical version from Target.


Merona Solid Zip Around Wallet $14.99 (other colors available)

Happy shopping!


One thought on “My Money’s on Michael.

  1. Well that is because Michael Kors is notorious for knocking off designers. Funny how he’s so arrogant but it a hug copy cat. Another brand you may be interested in learning about is Vince Camuto. He is the brains behind Jessica Simpson, Nine West and Tory Burch. I like the idea of a love for labels, I too tend to be a bit of a label whore.

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