Cupid’s Arrow Strikes Again

Do you know what breaks my heart?

Finding an amazing item in a store and not buying it because I deem it too expensive, unimportant, or an item I can live without.

And then do you know what happens?

I can’t stop thinking about it.

It’s as if Cupid’s arrow shot me and I only have eyes for the said item.

I passed up the chance to buy a panther bracelet with black enamel that actually fit my unusually small wrists from Francesca’s. Considering the bracelet is designed after the famous Cartier panther, it is an item that will come back every year in a varied design.

I have been searching the stores website ever since and haven’t been able to locate the bracelet, but did find this version on Amazon for the readers of Love for Labels.

Because if you’re not being shot by an arrow today, at least you can be bit by a panther.

Cartier Panther (Official collection is ‘Panthère de Cartier’)
No prices listed

Image $24.99


Thank you to D$ for teaching me how to do a screen shot on my laptop; still working on the long hyperlinks 🙂

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