Burberry on a Rainy Day

I am one of the rare people that enjoys rainy days. I love waking up to the rain, walking or driving in the rain, and listening to the rain pour down on my roof (preferably while I am warm in bed!).

Growing up, I had a bright yellow American Girl rain jacket. I am blonde. I looked like a lemon with hair.

So discovering the Burberry trench coat (my first sighting was the trench in dark honey aka khaki) was a bit of a life changing moment.

I’m not much of a khaki girl these days, and my hair certainly doesn’t miss the yellow rain jacket days, so with the Burberry trench being offered in black, everyone can be happy.

And then I had the pleasure of looking at the price tag and my life really did almost end.

Except my bank account wasn’t as excited as me and my blonde locks.

Thus, the almost identical Calvin Klein trench for $159.50.

Let’s just say that my rainy days have never been better.

Burberry London Trench $1,295.00

Calvin Klein Trench $159.50 on sale $69.99


Note: Michael Kors also makes an amazing trench for $225 and is available in the khaki color. I’ve also seen Calvin Klein and Michael Kors trenches in a variety of colors if black or khaki don’t bring on life changing moments. Check Nordstrom, Von Maur, Saks Fifth Avenue, etc.

Happy Shopping!

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