No Horse-ing Around

This post is going to be short and sweet. I have been sick for the last three days so my usual humor/ wit / sarcasm is in hibernation.

Being sick means that I have had some quality time with my handy dandy computer and my list of items for Love for Labels.

I have been searching for a look like to the Gucci Horse Bit Bracelet in gold for about a year.

Gucci Horse Bit Bracelet, $6450.00

Finally, I have found one:

Gucci HBB
“Filetto” Yellow Bronze Horse Bit-Link Classic Bracelet, $49.95

Buy the bracelet here

The reviews are a bit negative, but considering people bought a $50.00 bracelet and expected it to be as heavy as 18 karat gold … obviously these people need a little fashion education from yours truly.

I guess the sarcasm hasn’t escaped me entirely.

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Happy Shopping!

Sources/Thank You:
D$ – finally figured out the hyperlink! 🙂


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