The Structured Tweed Jacket

There are just some things every woman needs, regardless of season. A good bag. Nude heels. A structured tweed jacket.

Enter the timeless Chanel structured tweed jacket, designed by none other than the lady herself, Coco Chanel.

The Chanel structured tweed jackets start at ~$1,300 and go up in price depending on the materials used to make that jacket as well as whether or not the jacket is couture, aka made especially for you.

Couture. Sigh. Maybe someday.

I’ve heard of some of the Chanel jackets being priced as high as $50,000. Sigh.

I’m a big believer in pieces that you can dress up and dress down, and I feel that the faux Chanel jacket does just that. Mine is originally from Express, but I found it at Plato’s Closet several years ago and have worn it to fancy dinners with black dress pants as well as upscale bars with nice jeans and heels. It never fails to receive compliments and the typical “where did you find that?!”

Many stores offer various designs of this classic jacket. Search for “tweed jacket” or “structured jacket” at stores like Forever 21, Macy’s, Express, or Nordstrom if you shop online. Check out TJMaxx, Marshalls and of course Plato’s Closet if you are not opposed to digging a bit.

So as the spring slowly approaches, be prepared with a good bag, nude heels, and your faux Chanel structured tweed jacket that is sure to turn heads, dressed up or down.

Chanel Structured Tweet Jacket, price unknown (expensive)

Forever 21 Essential Fringed Boucle Jacket, on sale for $16.99 from $34.80

Buy it here or another version in white (perfect for spring)

My version of the Chanel structured tweed jacket:


Happy Shopping!


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