Love for Labels is Official, so Let’s Make it Facebook Official.

Exciting news, readers!

After some exciting conversations and hard work over the last week, Love for Labels officially has ADVERTISERS!

This wouldn’t be possible without the 1,400+ views the blog has received since January, so thank you for reading, sharing, and reading again!

If you’re on a mobile site get off of it. Momentarily.

(Or go to the bottom of the mobile site and click ‘view full site’)

Use your desk top to see the new additions on the right hand side of the blog: Facebook link (Like Love for Labels on Facebook!), the ability to receive emails as soon as a new post appears, and of course, the first advertisement for the lovely Little Black Bag website!

Little Black Bag is a fantastic website that finds out what you like and personalizes a shopping page just for you! So check it out on the right hand side and get shopping!

No post today, but I promise I’ll go back to the normal posts soon. Hint, a $3,000 bag for $19.80!

Happy Shopping, and thanks for reading Love for Labels!


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