Right on Target

How many of you have walked into Target with a small shopping list and then proceeded to walk out of Target with hoards of items that you didn’t intend to buy?

Raise your hands. I know you’re out there.

Let’s face it, it’s almost impossible to walk out of Target empty handed.

I visited the store Monday with the intention of buying some concoction for my face.

Also known as anti-wrinkle cream that probably won’t work.

Of course I had to check out the clothes, shoes and accessories.

And of course within minutes I wanted almost one of everything, but settled on this cross body bag.


Merona Yellow Chiffon Crossbody, $26.99 (on sale in stores), buy it here

The bag is fun, definitely a trend item, and the colors it’s available in are great for summer (lemon, bright fuchsia, and cobalt blue).

But I bought this bag mostly because I knew it was a Tory Burch replica and I just like being right.

So of course I came home and Googled the bag and got the justification that my guess was right on target.

It was amazing.


Robinson Spectator Mini Crossbody in Daisy, $250.00, buy it here

Clearly I need to find a more educational hobby.

And in case you’re wondering, I walked out of Target without anti-wrinkle cream.

2 thoughts on “Right on Target

  1. I did this Tuesday!! Went in just for a gallon of milk after running another errand at the mall … ended up sending $40 on t-shirts and make-up. Oops.

    Love the bag!! I love that yellow is so in this year!

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