Everything is coming full circle on this blog right about now.

Meaning that in my last post, I was saying how I like being right. And I usually am when it comes to labels and/or finding them online for less.

But I’ve been stumped on the Hermès H enamel bracelet.

And then I realize how easy it is to find a replica of the Hermès H enamel bracelet on Amazon, and the fashion gods laugh at me.

Oh well. I’m just thrilled that I found this $680.00 bracelet for $29.99.


Hermès H bracelet, clic H $680.00 buy it here


Designer Inspired H Buckle White Enamel 18k Yellow Gold Electroplated Titianium Bracelet Bangle Small, $29.99 buy it here

*Note: I’m not crazy about the replica in orange, so selected another popular color. Hermès also shows both silver and gold lined bracelets.

Hermès-zing. Amazing, for those of you who just don’t get my pun.

Right now, Hermès is only showing the orange and grey enamel bracelets, but they come in a variety of colors. Recently, Pippa Middleton has been photographed wearing the bracelet in blue. Every color is gorgeous, and at the price I’ve found, you might as well buy two. Or four.

Check back soon (or subscribe to email alerts! Right hand side of the page) for a post about orange driving loafers… I’m all about orange these days.

Happy Shopping and Happy Friday!


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