International Love

I want to give a shout out to my international readers. So far, Love for Labels has had readers from:

United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, Belgium, Singapore, Philippines, Bolivia, Russian Federation, France, Malaysia, Chile, Thailand, Brazil, Indonesia, India, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Mexico,  Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, Cambodia, Moldova, Denmark, Greece, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Gambia, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Kuwait, Dominican Republic, Republic of Korea, and Peru.

Did you actually just read all of those country names? I know I did, but that’s because I edit this thing.

Did you know that from these countries, only one has the color orange in their flag?

That’s pretty crazy. Most of the countries have the power colors of red, black, and blue.

But leave it to the emerging economy and country of India to have the unusual color of orange in their flag.


And yes, I did look at each country’s flag to figure out this fact.

What does this have to do with fashion you ask?

I had no other ideas as to how to incorporate a post about orange driving loafers.

Orange is a tricky color for a lot of skin tones, but throwing in fun orange accessories, such as these shoes, is a great way to have a bit of orange in your wardrobe.

And if you ever go to India, you’ll be ahead of the learning curve when it comes to flag facts.



Tod’s Gommino Driving Shoe in Orange, $425 buy them here


Coach Nicola Driving Loafer in Sun Orange, $158 buy them here

Note: this photo doesn’t do the shoe justice – it is bright orange.


Target Women’s Merona Mabli Moccasin Loafers in Burnt Ochre, $24.99 on sale $22.49, buy them here

Happy Shopping!

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