(Sometimes) Less is More

I always love when the cheaper version of something looks better than the expensive version.

Unfortunately it rarely happens to me. I have this amazing (?) gift (?) to pick out the most expensive version of something without intending to when shopping.

Hopefully this “gift” will benefit me when choosing a husband.

Wait. Choosing?

Ha, I sound like I’m going to be the Bachelorette or something.

Anyway, back to inexpensive items. I wore this dress last week and was flattered by all of the compliments I received.


A few people even asked if it was an Emilio Pucci dress, which of course was my thought when I bought the $49.99 Sandra Darren dress.

Unfortunately I can’t find the exact dress anywhere (trust me, I’ve spent the last week searching) – I got mine from TJ Maxx in January, so check there or similar stores: Marshall’s, Nordstrom Rack, etc.

I did find a similar version that can be purchased online:

You can buy this version here

The typical Emilio Pucci dresses look like this:


Emilio Pucci Square Neck Printed Dress, $1,590.00 buy it here

If you’re not crazy about my dress but like the idea of Pucci, here is a website full of replicas

What do you all like? Cheaper version or expensive version?

Happy Shopping!

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