Fashion Fouls … and Finds

I disappeared again. I’m sorry.

It’s called summer vacation.

Actually it’s called I’m-looking-for-a-job-that-pays-more-than-this-blog.

Priorities people, priorities.

But please don’t think I’ve forgotten you. Or finding labels for less.

Far from it.

On top of being busy in my personal life, I have a confession.

The summer of 2013 was a disaster in the fashion world.

Meaning that blogging was not appealing.


Please never wear a black and white stripped maxi skirt with the stripes going in every direction possible.


Unless you want to look as confused as NFL referees.

Note: No, this picture is NOT mine … it is from eBay … aka this person is trying to lose this skirt ASAP. Good for her.

Please never wear pants (read: individualized parachutes) that make you look like you are wearing a diaper.


Unless you are under the age of four (or whatever age kids wear diapers).

Note: If you want these “pants”, I’m not putting the link in because I am trying to stop you from buying them. But if you insist, they are from Forever 21.

Please do not think that black and white is a “trend” and you can add neon with it and look fabulous. Black and white will never go out of style. Adding a pop of color is, like, the easiest thing to do ever.

I feel like the high ups in fashion just got lazy for summer 2013 and showed awful trends.

So I hibernated in protest. And by hibernated I mean had a lovely summer in clothes that don’t make me look like a diaper wearing referee.

Now that fall is upon us, I am seeing more trends that make me want to continue my hibernation: metallic, military style, excessive leather, slogan sweaters, and wearing a one tone outfit. Woof.

But, in an attempt to appeal to the masses, here are a few things for fall 2013 I don’t find repulsive:

Yes, this top is black and white – black and white isn’t a trend, it’s a staple.
Dainty Georgette Top, $24.80 – Forever 21
Buy the top here

Crossbody bags are brilliant – but neon for fall isn’t. Time to darken your bag colors for fall. I love this option from Forever 21.
Classic Faux Leather Crossbody, $19.80
Buy it here

This dress is my favorite: great colors and has an on trend pattern that isn’t an eyesore.
La Vie Bohemian Dress with Belt, $27.80, Forever 21
Buy it here

This understated statement metallic necklace is one we can wear for years, not just a season.
Falling Leaves Long Necklace, $6.00, Charlotte Russe
Buy it here

Happy Shopping, and welcome back to Love for Labels.

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