Falling in Love

Summer is coming to a close, and I can’t say I’m disappointed. As much as I love warm weather, I am a big fan of all things fall thanks to my lovely roommate last year: she loves fall more than anyone I know and for the first time I was able to enjoy the chillier weather rather than simply shaking in my riding boots.

Given that I still shake from being so cold, but at least I look cute doing so.

With that being said, there’s always the inevitable fall wedding (or four) that we are all invited to attend.

After exhausting our dress collection over the summer, what are we supposed to wear to fall weddings?

In my mind light colors are off limits (i.e. pastels) but I don’t want to go too dark, (i.e. navy or black) as those colors should be reserved for funerals.

Unless the wedding you’re going to might as well be a funeral. Hope not. Yikes.

So in anticipation of one of my sorority daughters tying the knot this fall, here’s a look into my ideas for fall wedding attire:

f21 dress
Girlish Babydoll Dress, $22.80, Forever 21
I love this dress because it can be worn with a blazer if you have to cover up a bit – church wedding or chilly weather – but it’s cute enough to be worn alone too.

Buy it here

f 21 dress 2
Bombshell Peplum Dress, $29.80, Forever 21
Buy it here
This dress is definitely a bit more conservative, but if the wedding you’re attending is a bit dressier, this might be a great choice.

LR dress
Lauren by Ralph Lauren Dress, Strapless Evening Gown, originally $210, on sale for $159.99 at Macy*s
Available in green, purple, yellow, blue and black
Buy it here

I love this green dress by RL – wearing a long dress always makes me feel elegant and keeps me warm in the sometimes chilly fall.

spiegel p
Solid Jersey Knot Waist Dress, originally $119.00, on sale for $59.00, Spiegel
Available in purple and red
Buy it here
Note: There is also a fabulous one shoulder version of this dress here

This dress is so fun! I love the purple color and the sleeves give it a great touch for fall.

spiegel c
Metallic Jacquard Dress in Copper, originally $129.00 on sale for $64.00, Spiegel
Buy it here

I love the color of this dress – a neutral is always great for fall and it can be dressed up with so many amazing accessories.

Speaking of accessories… watch for a post about fall wedding accessories in the next few days!

Happy Shopping!


2 thoughts on “Falling in Love

  1. This was truly helpful!!! I have 2 winter weddings this year, and I have been already fretting about what to wear — after reading this, I think I already have one outfit in my closet! Thanks! 🙂

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