Channeling Chanel (Part 1 of 2)

There are few things I love more in life than high fashion.

But when high fashion websites are equivalent to Walmart quality clothes, it makes my life a little bit miserable.

So major props to whoever finally made the Chanel website user friendly.

Now only if we could get some pricey prices slapped on the website, that would make my life pretty much complete.

Anyway, here are a few Chanel look a likes that you might want to add to your life. Most pieces are from the Fall 2013 collection.

chanel chain link
Chanel Chain link bracelet – price unavailable (my guess: $450+)

Chanel chain link f21
Forever 21 Faux Leather Chain Choker, $6.80
Buy it here
This choker is perfect for wrapping around your wrist, a huge trend right now.

chanel cuff
Chanel Link Cuff, price unavailable (my guess: $600+)

CR cuff
Charlotte Russe Woven Chain bracelet set, originally $6.00 on sale for $5.00
Buy it here
Yes, this is not the best replica. Find a better one? Let me know!

Chanel Python clutch
Chanel Python clutch, price unavailable (my guess: considering it’s A. Chanel and B. Python, my guess would be $2,500+).

DSW python
DSW, Big Buddha Jackon, $29.95
Buy it here

lego clutch
Chanel Lego Clutch ‘Minaudiere’, price unconfirmed. I’ve read that the clutch starts at (please make sure you’re sitting down) $9,000 (yes, you read that correctly, $9,000) so a lot of people think that buying such a silly clutch – modeled after a child’s Lego – at that price is pretty insane. I agree.

Still in love with this clutch, or just want the whimsical piece? Replicas are available for about $175 on Search for “Lego Clutch”.

Watch for Part 2 of “Channeling Chanel” – handbag edition coming up next!


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