Channeling Chanel (Part 2 of 2)

If I ever win an award for this little blog (I’m not holding my breath), I will begin my acceptance speech by thanking Forever 21 for making my job easy.

Seriously. If you want a replica of a high end designer, go to Forever 21.

It seems like everything they make is a replica, and I’m not complaining.

This season, it seems like they honed in on Chanel bags.

Again, not complaining.

Happy Shopping, and thank you Forever 21.

chanel boy bag
Chanel Boy Bag, price unavailable

F21 boy bag
Forever 21 Iconic Faux Leather Crossbody, available in black or cream, $27.80

Buy it here

chanel quilted wallet

Chanel quilted wallet, price unavailable

f21 chanel wallet

Forever 21 Iconic Quilted Faux Leather Wallet, $12.80
available in black, mint, red, pink and green

Buy it here

*Note: Chanel guards their prices on their website like the Swiss guards guard the Vatican … and while I love you all, I am not going to walk into Chanel and start sniffing around for prices. Just know that the brand is extremely exclusive, has price mark ups twice a year, and the pieces (both old and new) increase in value each year. I consider a Chanel bag a wise investment piece. Looking to invest? Consider the 2.55, the most iconic (and the original) handbag made by Coco Chanel.


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