The “K” Ladies in Red

I always love comparing classy to klassless.

You guessed it, Kate v Kim and Kate wins. Again.

Kate, in my opinion, looks elegant but appropriate for her roll. Kim also looks appropriate for her roll.

If her roll includes strolling the late night streets of Las Vegas in those platform Louboutins (they’re no longer available, but there’s a similar version here).

I kid, I kid. Kim’s outfit isn’t entirely atrocious.

Back to business: the Alexander McQueen Peplum-Pocketed Dress, pictured above (Kate chose to wear a more conservative version with sleeves… obviously), is finally available to the minions of the world for $1,010.00.

Minions… or those of us who can afford to spend $1,010.00 on a red dress (if you can afford it, buy it here. Kudos to you)

For those of us who don’t choose to spend a months rent on a dress, here are a few options below…

AMcQ dress
Macy’s, London Times dress, Elbow-Sleeve Peplum Sheath, original $89.00 on sale now for $58.00, buy it here

CK red
Macy’s, Chord Juniors Dress, Sleveless Piped Racerback Skater, $59.00
Buy it here

Interested in a sleeveless version? Here
Want a bit more conservative? Try Calvin Klein at Macy’s

Happy Shopping!

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