Skin Care

When a product is really amazing, I like to share it with my friends and family. So I figured why not share the love on my little blog, too?

I absolutely love Clinique Take the Day Off make up remover. It has helped my skin tremendously and recently I ran out of it. Thinking I could use up my sample of Estée Lauder make up remover, I didn’t immediately run to the store to buy more of the Clinique product that has been a staple to my skin since I was 12.

I learned my lesson! My skin reacted really poorly to the change, even with my typical cleanser and moisturizer. So off I went to the store to buy Clinique, and by the next day my skin was noticeably better. Pretty crazy, right?!

The saleslady at the Clinique counter gave me a sample of All About Eyes – a product that is supposed to help reduce circles and puffiness around your eyes. While I’d love to think that this product is working too, I am going to give it a month or two before I decide.

Have you used Clinique products? Let me know your skin care tips…

This is not a product endorsement or a way of saying don’t buy this or that product. Everyone’s skin is different, just sharing my experience. Good luck!

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