Cyber Monday

I’m in the middle of my Cyber Monday hunt, but I wanted to give y’all a quick post about a very expensive bracelet and the replica that you should probably buy immediately.


Hermes Leather Cuff – this bracelet isn’t currently on the Hermes website, but let’s just say this little bracelet would cost you over $700. Pathetic, I know.


Might as well buy this Charlotte Russe version while it’s on sale for $2.99 from $6.00.

Buy it here

I’m sorry this post lacks content but I’ve got shopping to do. Adios


2 thoughts on “Cyber Monday

  1. Hello! I went immediately to the Russo site and ordered what you said to order (the Hermes bracelet copy) and then a few more things. I rely on you to know what is cool for my college aged daughters. Your Thanksgiving post was touching and great. I had my college senior daughter read it because she is just not looking for jobs. I think she can feel your pain , as they say. What is your interest in terms of jobs? You never know where you will find that connection that can connect you to a job… Thank you for continuing to blog and e mail. I use your fashion advice and find it to be inspiring and spot on in terms of what my daughters want to have. Thank you so much. Your Barton Hills CC Friend, Nina Rogow

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