Exclusivity for the Commoners

Here we are, gathered here again. Pining over Hermes.

Are we pining, or is it just everyone’s label to copy this year?

I ponder this a lot. Ok, not a lot, but enough to come to the conclusion that Hollywood hasn’t been good for Hermes. Birkin’s have been splashed across the pages of tabloids for the last few years making Hermes a household name. And while some advertising is good, advertising via the Kardashians is not ideal. Many costumers of Hermes feel that the line has lost it’s exclusivity, and while a $10,000 handbag seems pretty d*mn exclusive to me, I see their point.

I see the influences of Hermes design everywhere these days, and that, to me, is a bad sign.

But it’s a good sign too, because we the commoners can now wear a $27,400 necklace for $69.50.

*The (commoner) necklace is 50% off today with the code HOLIDAY


Hermes Chaine d’Ancre, $27,400 Hermes.com


Estate Link Short Necklace by Ann Taylor, $69.50 (50% off today! use the code HOLIDAY)

Buy it here

Happy Holidays, commoners

*Please note: I would still die for a Birkin.


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