Skin Care

I’m going to let you all into my newest obsession and secret! As you might know I have struggled with all sorts of issues with my skin – and I’m not talking one pimple once a month – I’ve been on medication for my acne since high school and still struggle to have a clear face that doesn’t look like the Sahara desert.

Make up is a great help to those of us that struggle with skin problems, and I have been searching for cover-up/foundation that will not wear off after a few hours and make me feel like Rudolph. I’ve tried all of the big labels – Loreal, Lancome, Neutrogena … and haven’t been that impressed.

But… the other day I was in Sally’s Beauty Supply store searching for a hair treatment (more on that another day) when I met ‘get flawless 8-in-1 foundation’ by femme couture. I investigated this product and bought it before you could say “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.” I rushed home and applied the foundation on my face and have been in love with this newly found label (see what I did there? Love for Labels? So clever) ever since. The foundation is a bit thick, which I like, but you might not. Try it out and let me know!

My magic potion. Buy it here

Happy Shopping!

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