Things I Want Instead of Chocolate and Roses

Here we are again.

Valentines Day is looming. Two week count down, y’all.

The stores are decked in pink and red and everyone is talking about their Valentines Day plans.

This year said holiday will even be on a Friday.

oh. em. gee.

And this year, like last year, I will be without a date.


So instead of all the girls out there that will be receiving beautiful flower arrangements (flowers die), cuddly bears (dumb), and delicious chocolate (it goes right to your hips), I made a list of things that I’ll buy myself on Valentines Day.

Retail therapy on Friday the 14th, anyone?

Just because I need a reminder that weather above 23 degrees exists.
Buy the sunglasses here.

I’m actually obsessed with this necklace. You can buy it (for me) here. It also comes in turquoise.

Sunglasses and necklaces outlast flowers, teddy bears and chocolate. Always.

How will you be spending Singles Awareness Day?

Don’t forget to like the Love for Labels Facebook page here.

Happy Shopping!


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